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Overheating laptop What causes it and what can be done

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Is your laptop overheating? They need to breathe.

No matter what model of laptop one has sooner or later the software or the heat exchange unit or both needs to be serviced. You may notice it getting too hot and if it is not sorted out then the next stage can see the laptop suddenly cutting out. This not only has the potential to cause you to lose unsaved work but can cause damage to software because files and the operating system can’t shut down properly, also the hard drive can suffer from improper shutdowns and having to endure excessive heat from the system – eventually, if ignored you laptop may die.

A fix is straightforward providing it’s done at an early enough stage and can prolong the life of your laptop. The work includes taking your laptop apart and clearing all dust and debris from the inside – blowing out the fan and renewing the thermal compound between the heatsink and cpu/gpu and replacing any worn out thermal pads, reassembly and test. Also the operating system is checked for adware, malware and rubbish then everything is updated to make sure it is running at its best – you will also be advised on any worthwhile upgrades.