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Here is my recommendation for a good all round home printer:

I often get asked  which printer I would recommend. In most cases for the home I always  recommend the HP brand. While there are several reasons, two of them stand out.


HP’s wireless printers come with Apple’s AirPrint technology built in, quite simply this means that one can print directly from a tablet be it Android or Apple. Furthermore the HP Eprint app and the HP All in one app gives full access to all functions from a tablet. It’s an absolute boon to be able to scan a document or picture from your tablet or phone – and change paper / print size, even when someone else is using the home computer, one can scan and print from a tablet wirelessly, easily.


The second is HP’s Instant Ink service. People are often amazed when I setup a new HP printer for them and realise that while signing up for the Instant Ink service they actually get three or five months free trial, meaning, apart from the cost of paper, free ink for that period.


Case Study:

Since late 2014 I have owned a HP5640 Envy all in one printer and since I first set it up I have subscribed to HP’s Instant Ink service at £1.99 per month. At this level one gets 50 pages per month, if you don’t print 50 pages then those that you don’t use are rolled over to the next month and if you use more then it’s not a problem, you simply get charged a little  more, in my case I was charged £1.00 – below is an extract of an email to me from HP informing me of this:


“We’re happy to see you’ve been using the HP Instant Ink service – and getting the most out of it.


We wanted to let you know that as of 19 August, 2016, you have 9 pages left on your monthly plan. But don’t worry, if you print more than 9 pages before the end of the day on your billing cycle end date of 01.09.2016, you can continue printing with sets of 15 additional pages for just £1.00 per set. You’re still saving up to 70% on ink,1compared with buying standard cartridges at the store.

In fact, we designed HP Instant Ink to make sure you can print all the pages you need and keep saving money. The more you print, the more you save.

If you expect you’ll need a different number of pages each month, you can easily view your usage and change your plan at anytime.5 Simply visit and sign in with your HP Connected username and password.

Thank you for being an HP Instant Ink customer.”


So what happens if one has a faulty cartridge? This happened in February 2017, I carried out the instructions the printer gave me for removing and refitting the said cartridge but this made no difference. Eventually I wrote down the error message from the printer and via the HP support website I started a web chat. The HP support assistant was very helpful and wasted no time in expediting a new cartridge to me. I have found the service to be brilliant and quite frankly having the printer talk to HP via my broadband and replacement ink cartridges being posted to me before my printer runs out of ink is fabulous, I’m not dashing out of the house to buy ink or suddenly stuck, unable to print because the shops are closed and I’m saving on my ink costs.

In conclusion, once set up everybody in the home can use it’s functions even if they don’t use the main computer and in fact you don’t need to even have a main computer. There are models to suit different needs too. The HP Envy range is great for printing photographs as well as everyday printing but if you simply want to knock out the good old black and white stuff then the Deskjet range will do the job and you can pick these up for under £40 with wireless and Instant Ink features built in. I should mention too that if you really don’t want to enrol in the Instant Ink program then there is absolutely no obligation.

Setting Up

With our fast internet speeds today it can be a good idea to use the online setup feature that the installation disk offers, however, I have often found to just go with the disk based installation to be better especially in low broadband speed areas.

You can get a HP Deskjet or Envy from Argos or from Amazon – Check it out here