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Business Grade Security at Home

One subscription of £40 covers 10 computers  

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Sophos Home, as it is called is not a name that springs to the mind of most home computer users. If you ask anyone what they use then you are likely to hear names like AVG, Avast or Norton and McAfee or Bit Defender and Panda. The reason for this is that Sophos has primarily been a business grade product that is designed around business users. The good thing about it being designed around a business product is that the software does not produce regular pop-ups trying to sell you yet another feature. Sophos Home is also run under the same centralised system the company uses for its business customers. Further to this one gets a central online place where actions and configurations for each computer under the account can be carried out, this is very useful for parents who can block the children’s computer from accidentally accessing inappropriate sites and many other features.

While Sophos will deal with all the important stuff straight away there are some things it simply flags up for instance a pup (potentially unwanted program), it could be the setup file that’s languishing in the downloads folder of a family members computer. In this instance the owner of the Sophos account gets an email to bring attention to it, from here one has only to log into the online control panel and instruct Sophos to ignore it or delete it. This is just one of the brilliant features in the control centre. Standard protection that constantly runs with these features:

Antivirus: Blocks known viruses, threats, trojans and worms.

Web Protection: Blocks websites known to have malware.

Ransomware Protection: Stops ransomware encrypting your files.

Privacy Protection: Alerts you to unwanted use of your webcam.

Malicious Traffic Detection: Detects and stops programs connecting to malicious remote servers.

One subscription of £40 covers 10 computers  

Grab a 20% discount here / A free trial here