BT Premium Email Price Increase

This is Money website has recently reported that BT are to increase the cost of their email service to their ex-customers who still wish to use the service, from £5 per month to £7.50 – at the time of writing this post, 17th July 2018.

I regularly help people with their email and every time I see the BT inbox I wonder why it is so bad, design wise. Naturally if you use BT mail then you may be using it with Outlook or Thunderbird – the two most popular email clients. However, the price increase pushes it to a wopping £90 a year – more than Microsoft charge for  their whole office suite.

There are options, you could simply stump up £7.50 a month or there are the free services from Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft Outlook. There is also a fabulous paid option called Fastmail.

There are no adverts in Fastmail and the user interface and mailbox are so clean, crisp and tidy that I cannot find anything close to it – I have been a faithful user for three years. I do also have accounts with Gmail, yahoo and Outlook etc but having those is just an extension of my job. My everyday mail platform is Fastmail.

All of the free services will offer to import your email for you (you will need to know your password) and also your contacts, but we live in an imperfect world so these systems do not always go to plan, you may need some extra help.

Should you create a new account elsewhere then upon first login there is often a wizard to take you through things but if there is not or you somehow get rid of it then there are settings in these webmail services from where you can get everything set up and import your BT mail and contacts.