Extend your wireless broadband easily with the help of Netgear

Running out of range? Can’t get WiFi in the top bedroom?

There are several options but one that I have tried and tested in the last few years are Netgear Universal range extenders. Setting up really is as simple as pushing a button. Most broadband routers or Hubs as BT calls them have a button called WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) and getting connected is easy.

You start by plugging in your Netgear range extender about halfway in the direction of where you want to extend it – directly into a mains socket for best results, switch it on and leave it for a minute so it can fully start up. Next go to your broadband router and press and hold the WPS button for a few seconds, let go and you should see the WiFi or WPS light flashing. Now press the WPS button on the Netgear extender for a few seconds and wait for a minute or two.

That’s it. All being well you should find that your network is now extended and you have much improved WiFi connectivity. Check out the video below and also check it out on Amazon. The full range is here



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