End of support for Windows Vista – What are my upgrade options?

As Windows Vista is now officially out of extended support anyone who still uses it is faced with the question – do I upgrade or replace?

I have been asked by some if upgrading from Vista to Windows 10 would be an option. To answer this, in short -No, it’s not an option. For one thing there is no natural upgrade path to Windows 10 from Vista so even if your hardware were to be compatible it would mean backing up your files and doing a clean install. Apart from this one would require a new Windows 10 licence and almost certainly a memory upgrade and if you don’t do it yourself then the technician time would make it uneconomical. There is however an option to upgrade to Windows 7 (on extended support until January 14th 2020) providing your computer is up to the job, a full examination would be required.

Windows Vista computers are getting elderly now – an upgrade to Windows 7 is rarely recommended. 

New hardware – better machine – better experience

There is no doubt that a new computer with the right specifications would be far more preferable. Windows 10 may perform sprightly on a low end tablet or mobile phone with only 1 or 2Gb of memory but in a normal computer it is a different thing. I have previously written a laptop buying guide on my old blog click here and although it’s a bit old now the information in it still broadly applies. Most off the shelf laptops and PC’s now come with 8Gb memory as standard and this is fine but 16Gb is preferable, the guide on the link I have just mentioned mentions about a check one can make to get a memory upgrade at the same time although it’s from a separate source so would require installation which is easy enough.

It is reasonable to budget loosely between one and two hundred pounds for an upgrade to Windows 7 depending on any required new hardware and including a licence whereas a new PC or laptop will cost you around £400 plus.

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